Galerie J Chronology / [Textes = essays, Raphae?l Julliard, Marianne Gaurino-Huet, Christophe Kihm].

"Galerie J Chronology" is witness not only to a curatorial activity related to interfering within the simultaneous exhibition openings in a cosmopolite neighborhood in Geneva, but also to future paths for the Galerie J association. (Fuente: Boabooks)

Other authors: Julliard, Raphae?l., Kihm, Christophe., Gaurino-Huet, Marianne.
ISBN: 978-2-940409-28-0
Language: French
Published: [Genève : Boabooks], cop. 2011.
Participants: Martin Beck, Marie-Avril Berthet/Frédéric Post, Christian Bili, Moyra Davey, La Galerie Extérieure (collective), Fabrice Gygi, Philippe Joner, Carl June, Klat, Körner Union, Mélodie Le Blévennec, Stéphane Magnin, Aurélien Mole, Elena Montesinos, Mélodie Mousset, Nathalie Rebholz, Izet Sheshivari, Marie Velardi.
CN: 163373
Format: Book
Physical description: 1 v. : fot. ; 32 cm

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