Male daughters, female husbands : gender and sex in an African society / Ifi Amadiume ; with a foreword by Pat Caplan.

In 1987, more than a decade before the dawn of queer theory, Ifi Amadiume wrote Male Daughters, Female Husbands, to critical acclaim. This compelling and highly original book frees the subject position of 'husband' from its affiliation with men, and goes on to do the same for other masculine attributes, dislocating sex, gender and sexual orientation. Boldly arguing that the notion of gender, as constructed in Western feminist discourse, did not exist in Africa before the colonial imposition of a dichotomous understanding of sexual difference, Male Daughters, Female Husbands examines the structures in African society that enabled peo...

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Main author: Amadiume, Ifi.
Other authors: Caplan, Pat.
ISBN: 978-1-7836-0332-9
Language: English
Published: London : Zed Books, 2021.
Note: Lectura recomendada por Tania Safura
Series: Critique, influence, change (Zed Books)
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CN: 174207
Format: Book
Physical description: XVI, [4], 223 p. : fot. ; 22 cm
Contents: Foreword -- Preface to the critique influence change edition -- Preface -- Acknowledgements -- Introduction -- Part 1: The 19th Century: -- 1. Gender and the Economy -- 2. Women, Wealth, Titles and Power -- 3. Gender and Political Organization -- 4. The Politics of Motherhood: Women and the Ideology-Making Process -- 5. The Ideology of Gender; Language and Gender -- 6. Ritual and Gender -- Part 2: The Colonial Period: -- 7. Colonialism and the Erosion of Women's Power -- 8. The Erosion of Women's Power -- Part 3: The Post-Independence Period: -- 9. The Marginalization of Women's Position -- 10. Wealth, Titles and Motherhood -- 11. The female element in other Igbo societies -- 12. Gender, class and female solidarity -- 13. Conclusión -- Appendixes -- Bibliography -- Glossary -- Index

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