Street logos / Tristan Manco.

Main author: Mancho, Tristan.
ISBN: 0-500-28469-5
Language: English
Published: London : Thames and Hudson, 2004.
Participants: Artistas: Joystick, Mambo, Space 3, Influenza, The Art Of Urban Warfare, Betamaxxx, Bäst, Faile, Flowerguy, Pixel Phil, El Cártel, Plug, Etron, Authorised Graffiti Area, Above, Olivier Stak, Toasters, Aviadro, HNT, Xupet, Sums, Space Invader, Maya Hayuk, Santy, La mano / Nami, 108, Sickboy, Kami, Sam Bern, El Tono & Nuria, L'Atlas, Heads, Figures, Akroe, KRSN, Alexone, André, Buff Monster, Cha, Pez, El Tiñas, Pelucas, NANO04814, Adam Neate, Patrick Smith, SHES54, Flying Fortress, The London Police, D*Face, Jace, Hoernchen, Gomes, Regular Product, Freaklüb, Microbo, BO130, Robot Inc., Plank, Poch, Olivier, Wild Things, Free-Forms, Sol Crew, Erosie, Swoon, Wet Shame, ONG, Don't copy me.
CN: 86475
Format: Book
Physical description: 128 p. : fot. ; 22 x 23 cm

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