Urban Art Legends / Ket.

[London]: LOM Art, 2015.

From being spray-painted onto walls and trains, to enjoying acclaim in galleries and museums, the graffiti movement has changed. Far from being viewed as mindless vandalism, graffiti, or urban street art, has become prized as a highly valued and socially relevant art form. Renowned graffiti artist KET selects 38 of the most influential and pioneering urban artists from around the world who have driven this transformation. Alongside selections of their artwork, Ket explores their mediums, methods and backgrounds, and why they've chosen to challenge classical ideas of art to convey messages about urban culture. From well-known names such as Banksy, Shepard Fairey and Blek le Rat to superstars of the underground movement, these are artists who have moved far away from the clich├ęd lettering and tags to develop individual styles that reflect and critique modern life. Urban Art Legends is the perfect companion for anyone wanting to learn more about this vibrant, exciting and constantly evolving art form. (Fuente: Amazon).

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